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Thought Leadership

How Digital Assets can Co-Exist within Traditional Finance’s IT Architecture

We presented to the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute (HKSI) as part of their Member Webinar sessions in July 2023 about digital assets and how they can be used in traditional finance. We talked about blockchain technology and how it works. We also discussed how Hong Kong compares to other places in terms of regulations around digital assets. We shared some vital information on the custody of digital assets and the risks involved. We want everyone to know that even small companies can benefit from blockchain technology and gain an edge in the market. Lastly, we discussed important things to consider when rolling out digital assets in a financial institution.

Registry Product Demos

Shareholder management

Streamline shareholder interactions, ensure compliance, and strengthen stakeholder connections with our comprehensive shareholder management solution, covering both certificated and uncertificated shareholders. Enabled and optimised for both public and private markets.

Investor portal

Our Investor Portal is your gateway to a seamless and empowered shareholder experience. Designed on the foundation of our cutting-edge registry solution, this portal grants shareholders and investors unprecedented control over the investment journey. From monitoring holdings and exploring real-time performance to engaging with corporate actions and staying informed on vital updates, the Investor Portal places the power of investments right at the fingertips. Join us in embracing a new era of transparent and personalised investing, where convenience meets clarity.


Empower shareholder participation and governance with our advanced voting features seamlessly integrated into our share registry solution. Designed to enhance transparency, engagement, and decision-making, our voting functionalities provide a user-friendly platform for shareholders and operators to vote securely and conveniently. From annual general meetings to critical corporate actions, our solution ensures a streamlined voting process that upholds the principles of accountability and shareholder democracy.

Unlocking insights

Navigate the realm of data with our advanced Analytics and Reporting features, tailored to elevate your share registry solution. Gain comprehensive insights, make informed decisions, and harness the power of data-driven strategies. From trend analysis and shareholder behaviour to compliance reporting and performance evaluation, our solution’s robust analytics capabilities empower you with the tools to drive success. Experience a new level of clarity and precision as you transform raw data into actionable intelligence, shaping the future of your share registry operations.

Equity, debt and digital asset trading features for private markets

Our solution makes offering registry and corporate services in private markets such as equity, debt, and digital assets easy. You can use our platform to find other people to trade with or to buy and sell from a list of available options. Our platform is highly advanced and offers efficiency, transparency, and security. Whether you’re trading stocks, managing debt, or trying something new like digital assets, it doesn’t matter – our solution can help you grow and take advantage of opportunities in private markets.

Private debt for companies

Our private market feature lets companies borrow and lend money directly to investors. This creates more growth opportunities. The quality shows how easy and quick joining and getting verified is. Investors can also see how risky an investment might be. Companies can easily make attractive investment offers, and investors can easily explore and invest in those offers. Company profiles are important and let companies show off their vision and track record. This attracts the right investors. It’s a modern way to borrow and lend, where it’s easy, open, and connected for everyone involved.

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